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7 Best Online Checking Accounts in 2017 - MagnifyMoney
Sept 5, 2017 -- Tired of banking the traditional way, having to run to a local branch to deposit a check, or dealing with too many fees and minimum requirements? Then opening an online checking account could be your solution...More from MagnifyMoney

Best Online Checking Accounts of 2017 - ValuePenguin
Jan 29, 2017 -- To help you decide between the many options for online checking accounts, we've picked out the best choices for different situations. For example, looking for the best interest rate...More from ValuePenguin

MemoryBank’s Internet Checking Account with a First-Year 1.50% APY- DepositAccounts 
Jan 24, 2017 -- Republic Bank & Trust Company recently launched an internet bank called  MemoryBank. One thing unique about MemoryBank is that it currently offers a single product...More from DepositAccounts

National “Financial Fitness” Survey Conducted by MemoryBank Reveals Widespread Fee Oversights and Missed Money-Making Opportunities - BusinessWire
Jan 05, 2017 -- Nearly Two-Thirds of Consumers Sampled Report Being Unaware of Low Earning Checking Account Interest Rates and More Than a Quarter Didn't Know Their Bank Charged Extraneous Fees...More from BusinessWire

This Digital-Only Bank Promises High Returns - Business Insider
Oct 27, 2016 -- Although the US still trails far behind Europe in its number of digital challenger banks, more are starting to join the ranks. The latest is MemoryBank, a national, digital-only...More from Business Insider

Another Digital Bank for Millennials? Nope. This One's Yours, Gen X - American Banker
Oct 26, 2016 -- When Andrew Varga joined Republic Bank & Trust Co. in Louisville, Ky., 16 months ago as its chief innovation and strategy officer, he was tasked with developing innovative...More from American Banker

MemoryBank Opens Its Digital Doors, Offering Consumers Exceptional Earning Potential from Dollar One - BusinessWire
Oct 25, 2016 -- MemoryBank, a national branchless banking platform, opened its “digital doors” at Born from extensive consumer research and developed for today’s digitally savvy, on-the-go consumers...Read more from BusinessWire